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♪☆Shining Jewels☆♪

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Jewel Fan Community
vo. JIN (Sephiro (陣/jin))
gt. 怜 ~rei~ (TRANS PARENT → 悪いヤツ!(waruiyatsu))
gt. (Atsushi) (julius)

Former Member:
ba. RUI(left 2010.01.24) → now in SCREW
dr. 琥珀 (Kohaku)(left 2010.01.24)

Click on the names to watch the profiles. Many thanks to outori@LJ for the help on the translations. <3

Started: 2008.07.01
First live: 2008.09.28 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA)
First sponsored event: 2008.11.19 高田馬場AREA (Takadanobaba AREA)
First oneman: 2008.12.17 渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL (Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL)
Second oneman: 2009.04.24 渋谷BOXX (Shibuya BOXX)
Third oneman: 2009.09.27 渋谷CLUB CRAWL (Shibuya CLUB CRAWL)
Fourth oneman: 2010.04.16 渋谷CHELSEA HOTEL (Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL)
Disbanded: 2010.04.16
◆ Keep all posts related to Jewel, the members and their music!
◆ No posts containing negative or harmful rumours concerning Jewel!
◆ Posts should be made public!
◆ Don't repost anything out of the community, who wants to get what has been posted needs to come here!
◆ Don't promote other communities! Advertise only, if it's related to Jewel!
◆ Please keep longer entries, entries containing big graphics and entries containing more than one graphic behind an lj-cut! Icon posts can be made by a teaser of three icons in one line!
◆ Please don't hotlink any pics or graphics!
◆ Be nice to each other! No flaming!
◆ It's not allowed to post and/or request any media that actually must be paid for to get it!
◆ No Amembers only stuff from their blogs allowed!
◆ No linking to friends only journals/communities or to sites that require registration!
◆ Please support the band as much as you can!
2008.10.31 「Next Burning Circus」 (Omnibus)
2008.11.26 「Ugly/Endless Grudge」 (1st maxi single)
2009.02.25 「恍惚トリコロール」 (2nd maxi single)
2009.07.01 「Paradise lost」 (3rd maxi single)
2009.08.05 「Clockwork [5]th parade」 (1st mini album)
2009.10.14 「Shock Edge 2009」 (Omnibus)
2010.01.13 「[T]rickster」 TYPE-A and B (4th maxi single)
2010.04.16 「華」 (live-limited one-coin CD)
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Pictures taken from Jewel's OHP, blogs and flyers
All layouts and graphics made by 黒。
Used theme: Smooth Sailing
If you wanna use any graphics (except for the banners) ask for permission FIRST!